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About the Center for Public Integrity:

The Center for Public Integrity - created in 1990 by a group of concerned Americans - is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt educational organization that is supported in part by your contributions. 

Fulfilling the role of an honest broker of information, the Center for Public Integrity exposes abuses of the public trust. Accordingly, the Center has been called a "watchdog in the corridors of power" by National Journal.

The Center's mission is to provide the American public with the findings of its investigations and analyses of public service, government accountability, and ethics-related issues. The Center's books, reports, and newsletters uniquely combine political science and investigative reporting, unfettered by the usual time and space constraints. For that reason, The New Yorker has called the Center "a journalistic utopia." The president of the National Press Club has described the Center as "a significant force in the nation's capital, a new government watchdog... [which has] developed a reputation for being tough but fair... a conscience for the news media and politicians alike."

For more information, visit the Center's website at www.publicintegrity.org.

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